Clear Way Master Course - Fall Retreat

  • Osho Leela Meditation Centre Veseli 30 Zakupy, Czech republic

The Clear Way Mastery Course is a long-term support for living an ordinary, authentic, and deeply happy life overflowing with joy, peace, and harmony of your true nature. This course provides long-term support for your own liberation as well as the liberation of others. It consists of two week long retreats and several online satsangs as well as a global community website for continuous support throughout the year.

This program provides you with the long term support continuous support essential for the development of spiritual maturity. Many different modalities will be used to support your own spiritual evolution as well as provides you with tools for effectively working with others. This course also provides an initiation into the vipasana meditation practice and mantra. It is meant for people who are serious about their liberation and the liberation of others.