Yoga of Living Freedom

  • Tara Hills Retreat Center The Hill of Tara Dunshaughlin R147 Ireland Ireland

You've sat in satsang halls and heard the wisest of the wise teachers and gurus expound on the great love of all that it is—the great ONE. But after every satsang or retreat you find yourself in the same rut—the same suffering—over and over again. Other people seem to get it and have that mysterious cry or laugh in the front of the room, but you are just left with with mind numbing confusion.

Or perhaps you really had a profound moment of awakening—really got the oneness of everything—and just as suddenly the oneness bliss vanishes and you find yourself back in the misery of everyday life. All the teachers seem to be saying the same thing, but you have not found the happiness, peace, or bliss they all talk about. It all starts to sound the same.

Okay, so this satsang is a bit different. It is an energy, love, and life force that has the power to wipe out any sadness, confusion, stress, anxiety, and many other forms of suffering to support a dynamic shift from the suffering of your mind to the bliss of your being. 

This is all well and good, but this retreat also provides you with the practical practices that support real progress in your spiritual evolution.

Are you ready to really live freedom? The time is now : )

Tuition: €125

September 22
Satsang with Kosi
October 1
Heart of Freedom