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Yoga of Light

  • Venue TBD Staunton VA USA (map)

Tuition: $95


What does it take to be free of the endless gyration of your mind? It seems like even after profound moments of realization, deepening, or profound moments of awakening you fall back into old patterns of suffering or you simply don't make any progress, which leaves you scratching your head wondering why? Or you are simply mystified by all the different spiritual practices and teachings and wonder where you should begin?

What does it really take to achieve what is known as self-realization, liberation, or enlightenment? Kosi's no-nonsense approach to the teaching of Sri Ramana Maharshi is a profound transmission that supports a dramatic shift in consciousness from the suffering nature of your mind to the profound peace and freedom of your heart.

Her direct, pragmatic, and very down to earth guidance is a breath of fresh air that supports real progress in your spiritual evolution. If you are tired of all the spiritual fluff that doesn't seem to help you make any real progress, this one day retreat will catapult you into the eternal depth of freedom alive within you.

This lineage and teaching is not at all casual. It is a visceral transmission that supports a deep and intimate inquiry into your eternal nature. 

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