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Vipassana Meditation Retreat

  • Chartreuse de la Part-Dieu Friborg Switzerland (map)

Vipassana simply means to see things as they really are or to see through the illusory nature of life. It is a powerful meditation practice that supports the intimate discovery of a peace, joy, and love that simply surpasses all understanding.

Silence is the voice of God. It is the highest teaching of the Siva Kasyapa lineage and is a catalyst for the most profound deepening into the living heart of silence within you. Silence is the most profound and direct way to realize the pure peace of your being. This is a completely silent retreat in a very sacred and silent venue nestled into the foothills of the Swiss Alps.

Silence is the Voice of God.
— Kosi

We are all painfully aware that the world is overflowing with fear, chaos, war, terrorist attacks, pestilence, death, starvation, and all of the anxiety and stress this creates. This is fundamentally caused by the deep identification with the body, the genetic mind, and the deeply ingrained pervasive belief that the great illusion of maya is reality when it is actually the grand mirage of the vast and ancient ocean of samsara—the karmic wheel of endless birth and death that represents eons of suffering.

You might not know anything about maya or samsara, but you are probably painfully aware of just how hectic your life is. We all live very busy and often very stressful lives. We are all way too plugged into the moment to moment chaos of the world instantly blasted into our lives via our mobile phones, which is now the source of a catastrophic global addiction to technology and social media.

Have you ever noticed just how preoccupied everyone is with their cell phone? It seems everyone has a phone fetish. Have you ever noticed entire families sitting at dinner frantically txting, or perhaps even sexting, someone else, or interrupting an intimate conversation to respond to txt message, or are simply too engrossed in candy crush or some other video game to engage in a simple conversation? Or perhaps this sounds a bit too familiar? Hmmmm.....maybe it is time for a break?

Rarely, if ever, do we simply take a much needed break from the hectic pace of life or the constant checking and rechecking of our cell phone to stop everything and simply be still and quiet and enjoy the sublime nature of silence that surrounds us in every moment. This retreat gives you complete and total rest from the hectic pace of your life.

It will initiate you into the powerful vipassana (silent meditation) practice of her Holiness Sri Amma Karunamayi Vijayeswari Devi. It is very simple and potent meditation practice infused with the power of the mantra that supports several hours of silent meditation. This practice is infused with a transmission of grace and support from ancient mantras that effortlessly guide you deep into the peace within you that simply surpasses all understanding.

You can be a total beginner or an advanced meditator and enjoy the sublime silence, rest, and total peace this retreat will offer you. It is a conversationally silent retreat—this means the entire retreat is steeped in silence. Silence will be maintained in the morning and afternoon sessions, during breaks, and mealtimes. The evening session will be infused with intimate sharing, mantra singing, and the deepest most profound divine love. 

This is a no cell phone retreat. Emergency numbers will be provided to you for friends and family, but you will not have internet or cell phone access during this retreat. This simply means you can't slip into your room or sneak into some corner to secretly tap into facebook, google, twitter, email, or global news stations to find out what's happening now ; )  

If you courageously dive into the heart of silence during this retreat you might actually want to throw your cell phone in the lake! Once you have had a true taste of the sublime peace of your being you will definitely think twice before whiling away your time twiddling on your cell phone.

  • Silence
  • Mantra Initiation
  • Vipassana Practice
    (Instruction and Practice)
  • Satsang

The silence of this retreat is like sitting in the very heart of Sri Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi and her Holiness Sri Sri Sri Amma Karunamayi Vijayeswari Devi. Silence is the deepest core teaching and eternal presence, which is very much alive in you. This sublime peace is simply always here, but is easily overlooked due to the constant movements of your mind.

This retreat is literally like sitting in the vast indescribable heart of God—not as some divine being—but as the vast indescribable expanse of the cosmos—the most sublime vast eternal happiness that is simply overlooked in the chaos of life's endless ups and downs.

The retreat will be held at an ancient monastic site that was home to several Carthusian Monks, which is a religious order founded by Saint Bruno in 1101. The monks who lived in this beautiful old ruin were deeply devoted to silence and solitude—so much so the entire place is infused with silence.

The motto for this order of monks is Stat crux dum volvitur orbis—the cross is steady while the world is turning. Another way of seeing this ancient creed is—the heart is steady while the mind forever is turning. This retreat is simply a return to the stillness of your heart. 

This venue has also been the home of many vipassana retreats of various traditions in recent years and the entire place is infused with the deepest and most profound silence.

If you feel the deep call of silence this retreat will catapult you into the sublime peace of pure being.

Tuition: 495EURO
Note: The tuition includes simple accommodations at the venue, but there will be an additional fee for meals, which will be announced soon.

***This is a residential retreat*** If you would like to participate in this retreat it is mandatory to stay at the venue during the entire length of the retreat. This helps settle your mind, takes you away from your normal routine, and infuses the atmosphere with silence and deep relaxation.

Check-in and registration after 4PM on Wednesday Feburary 7, 2017
Retreat Introduction and Satang Wednesday Evening at 19:00
Silent Breakfast - 07:30 to 09:00 (Roaring Open Fireplace)
09:00 - 10:00 - Morning Arati Mantra and Silence
Morning Vipassana Meditation - 10:00AM - 12:30PM
Silent Lunch - 12:30 to 14:00 (Roaring Open Fireplace)
Afternoon Vipassana Meditation - 14:00 - 16:30PM
Silent Dinner - 17:00 to 19:00PM (Roaring Open Fireplace)
Evening Satsang (a time of intimate sharing, silence, and mantra singing) - 19:00 to 21:00 PM

This is a winter retreat. It is advised to bring a meditation cushion, warm comfy loose fitting clothing, and sensible practical shoes or boots for possible snow and winter walks in the mystical magical land of Chartreuse de la Part-Dieu. 

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