Siva Kasyapa Lineage

This lineage supports the discovery of the limitless happiness alive in your own heart.
— Kosi



Sri Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi


Nothing. This is the Life, Teaching, and Mantra.
— Kosi

Sri Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi is perhaps the most famous sage, guru, and saint of India. His awakening at the age of sixteen was so deep it transformed him into the radiant presence of God. After his awakening he remained silent for many years, but the energy emanating from his form was so potent anyone who came near him experienced overwhelming peace and a sudden inexplicable silence of their mind. In many cases their mind would simply stop as if it was in suspended animation. 

His radiant presence began to attract many devotees from around the world inexplicably guiding them into the depth of their eternal nature. Even though he left his body in 1950, his eternal presence continues to guide people around the world into the living truth of their being—happiness beyond all ideas of happiness and peace beyond all ideas of peace. After many years of silence he began teaching silence and self-inquiry as the primary method for a direct realization of  the profound happiness of your eternal nature.

Ramana Maharshi is considered radical due to his insistence that anyone can liberate themself from the karmic wheel of suffering regardless of their position or role in life. He was able to articulate his teaching with such simplicity that anyone who listens attentively to his simple direction can awakening to the living truth of their being. It is a simple direct teaching that guides you immediately into a direct experience of what is known as enlightenment—indescribable happiness, contentment, and peace.

Unlike other sages and gurus he did not designate any of his students as his successor. He was adamant there was no lineage. He maintained that the formless eternal presence of Śiva embodied in the sacred mountain Arunachala is the root of this life changing lineage and teaching. He simply stated his teacher and master, the ancient mountain Arunachala Siva, was the lineage and would remain eternally as a beacon of light guiding seekers into the natural enlightenment alive in the Heart. Śiva Kaśyapa represents the formless presence of Arunachala—the omniscience of God. This lineage is not linear, but is more accurately described non-existent—the formless presence of your heart. 

This lineage is a simple teaching. It does not represent a religion our religious belief system. It is simply devoted to sharing the profound teaching and presence of Sri Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi and Sri Amma Karunamayi. It represents two ancient gotras—Śiva and Kaśyapa. Śiva is the divine energy that destroys all that is false and Kaśyapa is all of creation—the living truth that reveals the vast emptiness in the core of your being free of all forms of suffering.  It represents the union of the teaching and wisdom of Sri Ramana Maharshi and his eternal eternal master the Holy Mountain Arunachala Siva combined with the eternal grace, wisdom, love of Maha Sri Sri Sri Vijayeswari Devi better known as Sri Amma Karunamayi—the saint and avatar whose birth was prophesied by Sri Ramana Maharshi. 

Śiva Kaśyapa is simply a catalyst for your own direct realization of your natural happiness. It provides the essential support for seeing through the powerful movements of your mind that cause fear, anxiety, stress, frustration, anger, and many other forms of suffering as you move through your life. It supports a radical shift in your consciousness from the limitations of your mind to the vast indescribable freedom of your heart—not as some esoteric or conceptual knowledge, but rather, as your own direct discovery of this indescribable happiness that can only be explained by your own direct experience. 

This teaching is also known as the mountain path—the fastest most direct route to the freedom known as enlightenment. It is a very simple teaching that supports a radical dynamic shift from the suffering nature of your mind to the peace and freedom of your heart.

The core teaching is satsang, meditation, and mantra. The primary yogas are: Jnana Yoga (Divine Knowledge), Bhakti Yoga, (Divine Devotion), Ashtanga Yoga (Meditation), and Karma Yoga (Selfless Service). Kosi provides a silent initiation into these four primary yogas during satsangs, retreats, and programs. 

This is a very potent teaching meant to support full self-realization and should not be taken lightly.


Sri Amma Karunamayi



Love. The single word that describes her Holiness Sri Amma Karunamayi.
— Kosi

Sri Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi prophesied that Sri Sri Sri Vijayeswari Devi would be born as "Thai"—the divine mother. He explained that she was incarnating at this time to help heal the earth. True to Ramana’s prophecy, Bhagavati Sri Sri Sri Vijayeswari Devi was born October 21, 1958—the most holy day of Vijayadasami (the day of Victory). Now she is known around the world as Sri Amma Karunamayi—the heart of compassion. 

       July 2011 Shaktipat Initiation

      July 2011 Shaktipat Initiation

Sri Amma Karunamayi is an avatar—one who was born enlightened. To her beloved children all over the world she is simply Amma the one whose presence removes lifetimes of suffering. She is revered around the world as the Divine Mother—the supreme swan—the embodiment of unconditional divine love.  

Sri Amma Karunamayi is something of an enigma. No words exist to describe her and no words can convey the blessed feeling of being in her divine presence. Only your own direct experience can convey this divinity. This might be difficult for the mind to comprehend, but there is no question that she is a deity in human form.

Kosi received Shaktipat initiation from Sri Amma Karunamayi in July of 2011 during Guru Purnima. This initiation was a great awakening for Kosi—the advent of the Clear Awareness. 

Shaktipat can be transmitted in person or at a distance, through an object such as a flower or fruit or letter. Shaktipat is considered an act of grace (anugraha) on the part of the guru or the divine.

During Shaktipat the very consciousness of the god or guru is transmitted into the disciple, constituting an initiation into the school or the spiritual family (kula) of the guru. The Shaktipat initiation in July of 2011 was Kosi's initiation into the Śiva Kaśyapa Lineage. 







Sunyata. The single word that describes the life and teaching of Sri Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi. The living emptiness in the core.
— Kosi

The spiritual odyssey of Kosi has spanned over twenty-five years. Her first awakening experience occurred during a course created by Werner Erhard in January of 1990. Over time this initial awakening experience faded, but many years later while attending a workshop in San Francisco based on the teaching of Werner Erhard, Vern Black, Advaita, Science of Mind, and other Advaita (non-dual) traditions, Kosi had a mystical experience of Jesus and an unexpected awakening—a direct experience of the One Love that we all are in core of our being—a life changing experience that ignited an all out search for enlightenment.

The mystical experience of Jesus left her with many questions and she sought out many different well known teachers in many different lineages, including Native American and Tibetan Buddhism. In 1997 she received Shaktipat Initiation from Swami Chidvilasananda, better known as Gurumayi—the famed guru of the well known book Eat Pray Love.

After her Shaktipat initiation with Gurumayi, Jesus appeared in a vision. This mysterious vision led her to through the holy lands of Israel, Egypt, and Mount Sinai where she continued to have mystical experiences of biblical proportions. After returning from the journey, she was ordained Minister in a large public ceremony at Radiant Light Ministries in San Francisco on June 6, 1999. 

After her ordination she continued to attended many retreats with Gurumayi as well as several Tibetan Buddhist retreats with the Dalai Lama and Sogyal Rinpoche. Although her experiences with these well known masters were powerful, she became deeply disillusioned with the spiritual search and prayed for a true master who could help her. Fourteen days later, in July of 2001, she was introduced to Gangaji and received a silent initiation into the teaching Sri Ramana Maharshi. Recognizing the profundity of this divinely ordained meeting with Gangaji and the indescribable wisdom of the teaching of Sri Ramana Maharshi, within days Kosi devoted her life to Sri Ramana Maharshi.

During her long tenure as a devoted student of Gangaji, she became aware of a serious corruption of the teaching, which culminated with what most would describe as a deep betrayal of the student teacher relationship and abuse of power reminiscent of the highly publicized Gangaji scandal of 2006, but for Kosi this disillusionment was the ruthless burning ground that prepared her for the teaching she is now offering around the world.

The deep heartbreak of this disillusionment was also a catalyst for a major shift in her consciousness that began to unfold at Sri Ramana Ashram in Tiruvannamalai India in December of 2010. After what she describes as a visitation from Sri Ramana Maharshi, she received the name Kosi Sunyata. She formally took on the name Kosi Sunyata in January of 2011. (please see details of how she received this name are below).

In May of 2011, only five months after receiving the name Kosi, through the grace of Sri Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi, Sri Amma Karunamayi mysteriously appeared Kosi's life. Kosi received Shaktipat Initiation from Sri Amma Karunamayi in July of  2011, which initiated her into the Śiva Kaśyapa Lineage and ended the form of her long term relationship with Gangaji.

A few months later the full import of the Shaktipat Initiation with Sri Amma Karunamayi took root and Kosi experience a profound opening of mind that is often described in Buddhist traditions as the coming of The Clear Awareness—a permanent deep awareness of the living emptiness in the core—always aware Sunyata!

Kosi honored the grace, love, and support received from Gangaji over the many years she was her student, by sponsoring a yagya fire ceremony held not far from where the the Kosi river meets the Ganga (actual ceremony pictured below). A few months later, Kosi was present at the Peninsula Ashram of Sri Amma Karunamayi when she asked everyone present to accept the Gotra Kaśyapa fully as their lineage and heritage describing this lineage as all of creation. 

The Kasyapa Gotra dates back to the ancient Rishi Kasyapa to whom some of Hymns of the Rigveda are attributed. It is also pure Grace that many of the ancient mantras documented in the Rigveda were composed on the banks of the Kosi River in India.

The union of Śiva, Sri Ramana Maharshi, and Kaśyapa, Sri Amma Karunamayi, is the foundation of the very potent lineage of Śiva Kaśyapa and teaching of Kosi.

This teaching is the wish fulling gem of true enlightenment—true support for final liberation from the ancient wheel of Karma.

Kosi is currently teaching in the United States and Europe.  


The great teaching of sunyata

Sunyata is the mantra, teaching, and practice of Sri Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi and his beloved Master Sri Sri Sri Arunachala Siva—Tat Sat!
— Kosi

After many years as a deeply devoted student of Gangaji, I began to recognize that although Gangaji's teaching was powerful, even life changing, it was also deeply flawed. Her approach to the teaching of Sri Ramana Maharshi and her master HWL Poonja, better known as Papaji, supports a profoundly deep awakening, but simply does not address the vasanas or latent tendencies of the ego and genetic mind that allows the underlying egoic identification and associated patterns of suffering to continue. 

This disillusionment was the catalyst for a deep inquiry into what appeared to be a very serious flaw in the teaching. It was obvious that there was a huge difference between the teaching and depth of realization of Sri Ramana Maharshi compared to the teaching and depth of realization of Gangaji, but I was not sure what that difference entailed. It was October of 2010 and it was crystal clear that something was missing—the early stages of a surprising recognition of a pervasive flaw in the western perspective of Ramana's teaching.

From the moment I heard that Arunachala was a sacred mountain and Ramana's Master, I was in complete awe. Not only was Ramana's teacher a mountain, it was a living master that was still in physical form. Usually the master of a master has either been buried in a samadhi tomb or reduced to ashes, but amazingly Ramana's teacher is still in form. How rare is and precious is this? This profound mystery was the catalyst for traveling to Tiruvannamalai India to stand at the feet of Sri Arunachala Siva the living presence of Ramana's Master.

I intuitively felt this mysterious mountain would reveal what I was certain was the missing link. This intuition proved to be true—a great change began to take place on December 31, 2010—Ramana's Birthday at Sri Bhagavan Ramana Ashram in Tiruvannamalai India. A few weeks after arriving at Ramana Ashram, I happened to be standing outside Bhagavan's samadhi tomb when Sri Ramana Maharshi walked out into the sunlight.

It was clearly Sri Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi standing there and he was staring at me with his famous penetrating gaze. After what seemed like an eternity he asked, "This name of yours. Is it real?" In that instant my birth name and everything associated simply vaporized—my attention shifted suddenly within to see what my name actually was and instantly a deep realization of emptiness began to unfold. It felt like my heart suddenly expanded and opened like a lotus flower in the sun. It was only an instant, but when I looked back he was gone.

The next day I was deadly ill. I was so sick there was no real possibility of doing anything. It was my great good fortune that hotel in which I was staying had a window that looked out upon the majestic form of Arunachala Siva. As I lay there, with a fierce sore throat and fever, the question arose; "Why would Ramana call this mountain his Master?"

Since I was a prisoner in my own body, and there was no possibility of doing anything else, I surrendered to this illness as a sort of divinely ordained vision quest. For several days, I laid on the bed from dawn until dusk, in the most profound silence, and contemplated the mysterious form of Sri Arunachala Siva. All I did for days was stared out the window at this amazing eternal Master.

No words can ever describe what unfolded. It was a mysterious meeting of something that no words can ever describe. After several days of being immersed in this deep contemplation, beautiful poetry emerged from the depths, "Om Arunachala who can describe you? You are the form of emptiness," I wrote after days upon days of being enfolded in its mysterious splendor.  I was completely enraptured by what I can only describe as a the living presence of Sri Sri Sri Arunachala Siva. 

After seven days, I was feeling refreshed and the illness had all but vanished. It was dusk and the sun was setting low on the horizon. As the amber light of the setting sun flooded the room, I was staring out the window at the majestic form of Sri Arunachala when Sri Ramana Maharshi suddenly materialized. He was sitting cross legged and seemed to be floating a few inches above my bed. He was very alive, solid, like you could reach out and touch him, but at the same time it was like he was made out of light, like a hologram. He was completely silent and his eyes shown with an ethereal light.

He sat there in the most profound silence for several minutes when suddenly an image of a large river flowing into the Ganga appeared in front of him. Both rivers merged together and vanished into the huge expanse of the ocean on the Indian coast. As he sat there, staring deep into my eyes, he said, "Leave your name and everything it means at the feet of Arunachala Siva." He paused for a very long time and suddenly said, "Sunyata!" After saying this he vanished with an audible swishing sound and a flash of light. At the time I was completely stunned, "What just happened? Sunyata is Buddhist? Why did he say Sunyata?" I wondered in shocked amazement. In that timeless moment the name Kosi Sunyata was born.

I've been blessed with what I can only describe as several visitations from Sri Ramana Maharshi. I've also had many mysterious mystical experiences prior to these visitations, including the mysterious vision of Jesus Christ in 1997 at Gurumayi's ashram in Oakland California. I am and was always in complete awe of these mysterious experiences—all of them were infused with the highest spiritual teachings, most of which I did not understand until years later. Ramana's inexplicable appearance was shocking and deeply moving, but at the time it seemed very strange that he would use the word Sunyata—one of the highest teachings of the Buddha. Clearly it was meant a miraculous transmission of the highest teaching—the living emptiness in the core—but the deeper significance was not fully understood until many years later.

The name Kosi has always meant surrender—a river vanishing into the ocean—the vast indescribable expanse of the living truth known as the Self. As Ramana illuminated, "The Self of all the Selves." Since that time, it has become very clear that Kosi Sunyata was the full name given by Sri Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi. Taking this name on destroyed every vestige of my birth name as well as the past or any possibility of a future tied to this name—the name Kosi Sunyata represents the great and eternal surrender of the mantra, teaching, and practice of living emptiness.

Chills ran up and down the entire length of the body when someone recently informed that a man named Emmanuel was given the name "Sunyata" in the inexplicable silence of Ramana's presence when Ramana was still in physical form at Ramana Ashram in the 1946 time frame. Emmanuel was apparently much more spiritually mature and immediately recognized Sunyata as his name, mantra, and practice.

Sunyata is a vast living consciousness contained within form and free of all form. Sunyata is always aware as the mantra, emptiness, and living silence we all are. The purest of pure teachings—the clear awareness—always aware sunyata. This is the great and eternal teaching of the Buddha—form is emptiness and emptiness is form—The Heart Sutra!

Sunyata. This is the single word that describes the life and teaching of Sri Ramana. Always aware Sunyata—the living emptiness in the core.

Jai Sri Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi! I bow to your most Holy and Eternal feet. Sunyata!